Bullied for Being


It's for non-religious people — including secular Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and other religious and spiritual people — are everywhere. They are your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers — even your loved ones. They are your child's school teacher, your family doctor, your uber driver, even your religious leader, but they often can't be open about who they are. Secularists both religious and non-religious are heavily discriminated against here in Alberta and are often bullied, shamed, and silenced. Much of the reason behind it stems from misinformation surrounding what true secularism really is. 

"Common Myths About Democratically Secular people":

  • Secularists are just angry at god.

  • Secularists worship Satan.

  • Secularists have no morals.

  • Secularists is the product of a personal tragedy.

  • Secularists are arrogant.

  • Secularists are not religious people.

  • Secularists want to eradicate religion.

  • Secularism is atheism.

  • Nazis were secularists.

The Alberta Humanist Association is changing that. Our grassroots organization will help break down barriers and help secular people live full, honest, and open lives. Tell Your Story. Speak Your Truth. Together we can eliminate discrimination and increase acceptance.

To this day the Christian religion has experienced historic privilege in the province of Alberta. This is problematic in a multicultural province where people of various faiths and those of no faith reside. 

Indeed, the report, titled "Freedom of Thought 2012: A Global Report on Discrimination Against Humanists, Atheists, and the Nonreligious," notes that the majority of criminal charges for blasphemy around the world in 2012 involved "social media or other user-generated content platforms like YouTube." This year has seen more than a dozen blasphemy prosecutions for social-media statements, up from only three over the previous five years.

Canada earns censure in the report for its practice of providing public funding to religious healthcare systems and schools, even where such public-funded services discriminate against the secular, non-religious, and the LGBTQ+. "Around 32 percent of the Canadian population claims no religious affiliation," it notes, "yet in the vast low-population expanses of Canada, the religious school may well be the only public school within a reasonable distance for many non-religious Canadians."

In Alberta, the provincial government fully funds a separate catholic healthcare system and educational system, both with a long history of discrimination against patients, healthcare providers, students, and teachers.


Charity statuses are given to religious communities and organizations for the sole purpose of advancing religion. 


Religious properties and leaders who have made a career out of their faith are given tax deductions and exemptions while thousands of Albertans are homeless and starving. 

Multiple Municipalities around Alberta have had to institute a conversion therapy ban since the Conservative Provincial Government refuses to. 

Take a look at our current and future campaigns to get an idea of the kind of issues this province experiences around religious privilege. The list is rather long. 

As secular and non-religious Albertans grow in number, they become targets of hate and discrimination and grow tired of funding religious public services which only cater to a specific shrinking demographic. 

This is why we exist. 

Alberta's Loosening Bible Belt

and dealing with religious privilege

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