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Do you want to help with one of our campaigns or to help organize one of our events? 

No matter what the cause, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch soon!

Prospective volunteers will be asked to provide some details on their work history and expected to agree to the ASA's policies including its privacy policy.


We are currently seeking volunteers for a few specific roles. Let us know below if you'd like to apply for any of these positions.

Campaign Managers

General responsibilities of the Campaign Manger   

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Campaign support volunteers

  • Issue Researchers

  • Opinion pieces and Letter and Petition Writers 

  • Legal Advice

We devote our time to campaigning and lobbying on behalf of the non-religious as well as other secular communities including progressive religious individuals and organizations, for freedom of religion, belief, speech, thought, and expression more generally. We work for an open society and a secular province with no religious privilege or discrimination based on religion or belief.


We also campaign for a rational approach to public ethical issues in order to contribute to a public life where decisions are made on evidence rather than on the basis of irrational beliefs or religious doctrines.


We are looking for research support for our campaign work. Applicants should have strong written communication skills, demonstrate critical and analytical thinking and be proficient with social media. The commitment will vary but applicants should be able to provide at least 2 hours per week.

Education and Schools

We will campaign for an inclusive and secular education system – one publically funded school system which equally respects the rights and freedoms of pupils of all backgrounds. 


Our secular approach to education would see faith schools phased out and compulsory worship abolished to ensure that all publicly funded schools are equally welcoming to all children, regardless of their religious or nonreligious backgrounds, gender, orientation and ethenicities.

Separate Religion and Government

We will campaign for the separation of religion and gov. This includes ending Speaker prayers in the Legislature as a formal part of government business and diestablishing the government prayer breakfast.

In a secular democracy all citizens are equal before the law and parliament. No religious or political affiliation gives advantages or disadvantages and religious believers are citizens with the same rights and obligations as anyone else. In the 21st century no religion should be granted a privileged position.


Secularism is crucial to successful democratic governance across the world: this is just as true in the Alberta as it is in the Middle East. We campaign for a secular democracy with a separation of religion and gov, where everyone's human rights are respected equally.

Equality & Human Rights

We will campaign for the law and the administration of justice to be based on equality, respect for human rights, and on objective evidence. In a secular democracy everyone is equal before the law, regardless of religion, belief or non-belief.

We seek to ensure that human rights do not lose out to religious demands, and challenge inappropriate or discriminatory exemptions to equality law for religious groups.

Secular Healthcare

We will campaign for an inclusive and secular healthcare system. Our secular approach to healthcare would see the separate Catholic Healthcare System know as "Covenant Health," phased out.


The generally secular nature of our health services is what allows them to serve people of all faiths and none equally, and to welcome people of all faiths and none into the noble endeavour of healthcare. Secularism should be a professional standard, so that patient care not religious concerns always comes first.

We campaign to protect patients from the harm caused by the imposition on them of other people's religious values. We advocate for a secular approach to current major health issues. We are opposed to religious influences in medicine where these adversely affect the manner in which medical practice is performed. We support patient autonomy and challenge pro-religious discrimination particularly in those areas of medicine where reasonable personal choice is threatened.

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