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Membership Application

Thank You For Wanting To Join Us!


Join us for as little as $20.00 a year. Make a stand for fairness and individual rights. Challenge the unfair influence of religious groups and ideas that plague our politics, healthcare, and education. Unite with other secularists and non-religious Albertans to promote freedom of and from religion, in Alberta and abroad.

We receive no funding from the government or outside bodies. Our campaigning is wholly supported by our members and donors– people like you who share our belief in the urgent need to separate religion and state, so we encourage contributions above the minimum amount


Your membership will also give you the chance to stay up to date with secularist news and shape AHA policy.

A direct debit is the most effective way to support the AHA – it allows us to predict how much money we will have available, and also cuts down on administration costs, enabling us to increase the scale of our activities. Once again we appreciate all of your support. 

Of which do you identify?
Are you interested in volunteering?

Your application was Sent successfully. Check your email account for confirmation. Please proceed to the payment section to complete your application process. Thank you :)

Membership Application Fee Completion Process
We are accepting most electronic payment options and they are done securely through PayPal.
PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT have to create a PayPal account to purchase your membership. You can pay directly using any form of credit card which does include Visa Debit.
Basic Membership


Once your application process has been completed keep an eye out over the next few days for an email from with your membership details. Be sure to check your spam folder and junk mail incase it went there. Thanks
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