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Secular Education Campaigns

The UCP and the NDP are both leaving out the Nonreligious in their fight for an updated  provincial curriculum 

Children need secular public education, an evidence and science-based curriculum that is religiously neutral and inclusive of all students.

The Alberta Humanist Association supports the view that education is a foundation for life and that teaching in state-funded schools should be objective, pluralistic, and always encourage critical thinking.

It should promote learning in all forms, be inclusive and develop a respect for learning, a respect for each other, and a respect for difference.

Content “must reflect the complex, diverse and plural nature of worldviews”, drawing from “a range of religious, philosophical, spiritual and other approaches to life, including different traditions within Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, non-religious worldviews and concepts including humanism, atheism, agnosticism, and inclusive secularism as a framework for society”.


Learning about worldviews helps young people to deal positively with controversial issues, to manage strongly held differences of belief and to challenge stereotypes. In an increasingly diverse society, understanding religious and non-religious worldviews has never been more essential than it is now.


It's time Alberta had an inclusive, learner-centered curriculum and public school system. We are long overdue for choice of equality-based primary and second-level schools for thousands of Alberta families. It is working to transform the learning environment for all pupils so that they are properly prepared for life in the twenty-first century.

Secondly, to qualify for government funding a school must teach a secular curriculum, admit students and employ staff regardless of faith, and all religious activity promoted by the school must be voluntary and conducted outside school hours. 

A secular curriculum is not written from a religious worldview.

A Secular curriculum only discusses religious beliefs from an anthropological perspective. It is not faith-neutral.

It does not posit religious beliefs as historical facts. Secular curricula can and often will discuss the influence of religions and religious beliefs on historical events.

Trying to cater education to all religions has some superficial appeal but in reality, leads to segregation and discrimination. It is detrimental to students, potentially denying them crucial information on topics such as sex, contraception, or science solely because they offend the religious sensibilities of the patron. Finally, acquiescing to religious segregation of taxpayer-funded schools is not only ethically dubious, but it is also hugely wasteful and inefficient.

We are dedicated to campaigning for an inclusive secular public educational system in Alberta.

Below is a list of campaigns that we are engaged in and desire to tackle in the future. 


One Public School System for AB

We want an inclusive education system, free from religious discrimination or proselytization.


Humanism in the Curriculum

All children should be able to find themselves in the curriculum and are entitled to an impartial religion and belief curriculum. check back soon for more info.


21st Century RE for All

All children should be entitled to an impartial religion and belief curriculum. check back soon for more info.


Alberta's Nonreligious Reject
The UCP's Draft Curriculum

Age-appropriate relationships and sex education should be every child’s right. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 8.58.27 AM.png

Relationships and Sex Ed

Age-appropriate relationships and sex education should be every child’s right. check back soon for more info.

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