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Happy 2021 Everyone!! So today I am excited to announce the launch of our next Giving Day event. This year we have an ambitious target of raising $700 that will go directly into reaching out to our vulnerable who sleep on the streets. We are looking to buy food and equipment, such as masks, travel size hand sanitizers, and gloves, bottles of water, and such that are desperately needed for those who are homeless here on the streets of Calgary Alberta. Getting through this pandemic has been hard on everyone, and it's been especially hard for those who are homeless. On March 13th, at 11 am while following all AHS protocols we will be setting up a few tables downtown (at a location yet to be determined) and will be serving a hot meal and handing out sanitary care packages to Calgary's homeless population. As humanists, we want to show those who are vulnerable on our streets that we care about them, so with an ambitious target of raising $700 for this event, we are asking those who are able to help make this happen, to make a donation of $10 or more to the Secular Humanists of Calgary from now until March 13th. This donation will be made through our Membership and Financial Treasurer: Sam Teja who will issue you a receipt pdf. Your donation will be added to our fundraising meter to show how your generous contribution is helping us to reach our target. Anyone who makes a $50 or more donation will be entered into a draw for a $20.00 gift card. Last year with your help the Secular Humanists of Calgary raised $700 for BETHECHANGEYYC which is an on the streets homeless outreach team. This was $200 over our target goal. Because of your contagious generosity, we believe that we can achieve this one together!. If you would also like to be involved in helping us put the food together, and be apart of the March 13th outreach team please email us at;, and one of our volunteers will contact you about the event. Humanism is social justice. Part of demonstrating humanism is caring for those who end up on the streets. Together we can be a hand of hope to those who need it the most. Please consider joining us in reaching our goal for our 2021 Giving Day Event!! Warmest Regards,

Jonathan Parks

Executive Director Secular Humanists of Calgary.

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