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Thank You For Supporting Your Alberta Secular Initiative 

We hope you have seen the value in providing a unique and necessary service for secularists and humanists, across Alberta. Your donation today will allow the Alberta Humanist Association to continue to provide support for our secular campaigns. With your help, we will continue to challenge Alberta's struggle with Religious privilege.
Your donation will directly advance secular education, protect the separation of religion and state, promote secular issues directly to our province's leading policymakers, propel secular grassroots advocacy, create lobbying opportunities, and increase secular visibility through local and provincial advertising and online communications. We are entirely dependent on the generous support of our members and supporters like you. Your donation will be done securely PayPal which doesn't require you to create a PayPal account
Thank you for helping us build a secular province. We are the first of our kind and your support will ensure we will be around for many years to come. 
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