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Catholic Education is Inclusive!

Catholic education is inclusive.. .our schools do not teach intolerance and hate... This inclusiveness and moral imperative is supported by safe and welcoming board policies and strong anti-bullying policies.


Catholic education is not inclusive.. If you read the whole opinion piece LaGrange penned she states that herself:

Our schools are open to all families that choose a fully Catholic Christian faith-based education experience. As per the Alberta School Act, Catholic schools must accept all resident students (of the same faith) and if there are space and programs, must accept non-resident students.

  • We also have recorded cases where teachers, principles and other staff were fired for coming out gay or trans.

  • The ACSTA along with AB Catholic Bishops attempted to release their own version of sex education which discriminated against gender identity and sexual orientation. 

  • Students were bused to pro-life rallies 

  • They were against offering HPV vaccines in fear it would encourage premarital sex. 

  • They have publicly attacked Public Education with claims that Catholic Ed is superior and moral. 

This was recently shared by the ACSTA twitter account and numerous other Alberta Catholic School twitter accounts:

10 Key Takeaways From the Vatican’s New Instruction on Catholic Education

In the article is a list further links to support its catholic education positions. This one specificially highlights their position on Human Sexuality

Same-sex attraction policies emphasize that because the Catholic Church teaches that same-sex attraction is inherently disordered[40] and that sexual activity is only appropriate for the purposes of love and life within Holy Matrimony,[41] individuals experiencing this disordered inclination are called to a life of chastity and may not advocate, celebrate, or express the disordered inclination in the context of classes, activities, or events. Such policies should use the term “same-sex attraction” in discussing homosexual inclinations, since there is only one proper sexual orientation: that which orients a man to a woman in the bonds of matrimony.

Sexual identity policies clarify that the institution will provide pastoral care for any student working through challenges related to the integration of their sexual identity but will interact with students according to their biological sex as based upon physical differences at birth and will direct students to work with their parents, pastor, and other trained licensed professionals who might best assist them in clarifying and defining issues of self (and sexual) identity in accord with Catholic teaching and natural law.

Student clubs policies ensure that all student clubs operate based on a Christian anthropology of the human person, and that no clubs advocate or celebrate gender transitioning or sexual behavior contrary to Church teaching.

Student pregnancy policies commit to helping a student-parent re-establish a life of chastity, prohibit abortion, and support students in their affirmation of the gift of life under all circumstances.

Catholic education cannot condone and must form young people with the desire, habits, and fortitude to avoid offenses against chastity and against God, including but not limited to lust, masturbation, pornography, homosexual activity, and fornication.[33] Students must also be formed with appreciation for the gifts of sexuality and openness toward life in marriage, respect for the sanctity of marriage and for all human life, and the desire, habits, and fortitude to avoid artificial contraception, in-vitro fertilization, and abortion.

Link for futher leading 


You Don't Get To Choose What School System You Support (Public/Catholic) Through The Property Tax Form!


That check-off box that directs what school district your property taxes support is meaningless and needs to go!

Property owners currently have to indicate on their tax forms whether they want their education taxes to go towards the public or separate (Catholic) school system. The cash defaults to the public board if they don't.

But that check-box is meaningless and has no actual effect on the amount of money each student and board gets.

Just 32 per cent of Alberta’s education costs are funded by property taxes, with the rest coming from the province’s general revenues. The model has been in place since 1994, when the Progressive Conservative government took away school boards’ rights to set their local tax rate. It was supposed to make education funding more equitable across the province.

Since then, It doesn’t matter which box you check,  education dollars collected by municipalities are pooled by the province and distributed to public and Catholic schools based on how many students are enrolled.

Even if everyone in a neighbourhood checks the “public” box on their taxes and send their kids to Catholic schools, 100 per cent of their education tax dollars go to the Catholic system. 

Luke Fevin, the co-founder of the Facebook group Albertan Parents for Unbiased Public Inclusive Learning, put out a press release on Wednesday Feb 22nd 20017:

A Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy request by his group found that the vast majority of Albertans direct their property taxes to public boards, with about $1.9 billion of the taxes collected in 2014-2015 coming from taxpayers who supported the public board and about $215 million coming from separate board supporters, in other words 11% of Albertans checked off Catholic.

This works out to about $4,003 per public board student and $1,357 per separate board one, Fevin continued. Given that there are about 158,000 Catholic students in Alberta, this means that the province has to chip in about $418 million to make up the difference.

“The public subsidizes Catholic education by a minimum of $420 million every year,” he said, and may lose another $200 million a year due to the inefficiency of having two school systems.

What does this mean?

If education funding in Alberta was allocated and distributed only by citizens’ marked preferences on property taxes, Catholic families or the Catholic Church would have to come up with $420 million a year to subsidize the difference. 

Alberta Education admits, without the designation box, the allocation of property taxes between public and Catholic schools would essentially remain the same.

“On the end, the checkbox does not have any real bearing on where the person’s tax dollars end up in the education system as the amount of per-student education funding is the same whether a student is enrolled in a public or separate school,” ministry spokeswoman Lindsay Harvey explained.

“Every year the province calculates, based on assessment value, the amount each municipality must contribute toward the public education system,” Harvey explained. “Municipalities collect the education property tax from ratepayers and then forward it to the province for deposit into the Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF). Alberta’s education property tax dollars are pooled into the ASFF and ultimately distributed among public and separate school boards on an equal per-student basis.

In other words, it’s a myth that Catholic families pay for their own education as non-Catholic Albertans are actually topping up the funding for Catholic schools by nearly $450 million a year. 

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