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Secular Humanists of Calgary seeks to support the absolute separation of religion from the government. We support evidence-based public policy that uses science, reason, and our shared humanity as its guiding principles rather than religious dogma.

Religious beliefs should not be used as the primary justification for any policy. Just as religion can be used to justify good things (such as serving the hungry with a soup kitchen or building homes for those in need), it can be used to justify terrible acts of discrimination (denying LGBT couples the right to marry or taking away a woman’s right to control her own body). For that reason, all public policies should be based on the best scientific evidence available to policymakers and humanistic principles which cross lines of religious beliefs.

Religious beliefs do not entitle people to special treatment under the law. Laws which carve out exemptions on the basis of religion can be overly broad and give preferential treatment to certain religions or religious beliefs over others. Exempting people and businesses from non-discrimination laws on the basis of their religious beliefs allows people who wish to discriminate a legal excuse for their bigotry and run counter to decades of precedent dating back to the Civil Rights Era.

Government agencies and officials must remain neutral on religious matters. Promoting the religious views one particular group over the beliefs of another group, including atheists, is a violation of the Constitution and excludes countless millions from our nation’s political system. Elected officials must take care to separate their personal views from their duty to represent all of their constituents.

It's time to raise our voice where it can't be ignored. 


Activism and education are, first and foremost, about raising the profile of secularism and normalizing secularism in the public discourse. We encourage the millions of secularists who are “in the closet” to come out and be proud of representing their values authentically.

Please Note: Due to the nature of our protests, only past events will be posted to our website. To join our future protests please join our closed Facebook Group @



Saturday, August 17th, 2019. Calgary Alberta, City Hall


Iranian blogger and professional photographer, Soheil Arabi, has been repeatedly prosecuted by authorities in Iran for his writing and online activism. In 2014 he was sentenced to death for supposedly "insulting the Prophet" in Facebook posts. The death sentence was commuted in 2015, but he has since been jailed again. He has been repeatedly beaten while in prison, and members of his family have been threatened or harassed. Atheist Republic organized a worldwide protest.


Saturday, October 5th, 2019. Calgary Alberta, City Hall


Somehow a Pastor from Street Church a hate group similar to Westboro Baptist Church was given a permit to hold a church service inside City Hall. AR Calgary Consulate partnered with Secular Assembly and members of Atheist Society of Calgary and Queers on Campus along with No Hate City Hall group to protest religious services being held in government buildings.  

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